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A Cab driver killed six people and injured two very seriously in USA

Jason Dalton, aged 45 years is a resident of Michigan who worked as an Uber driver was arrested on Sunday. He was arrested on an accusation of the fatal shooting of six people. He was also accused of injuring two more people. This shooting rampage in Kalamazoo had taken place on Saturday evening and soon after the investigation the accused was arrested on Sunday.

Jason Dalton, the 45 aged Uber Drivers, picked up and dropped passengers between the shootings. This information was sourced from a person. This person/source not authorized to speak in media further stated that the accused person, Jason Dalton was looking out for fares after the final shooting of around 7 hours of the killing rampage.

A passenger exclaimed his feelings as he jumped out of the car to save his life

A man expressed his feelings that he was a passenger of Dalton just a few minutes before the shooting scandal was initiated. He stated that in Jason’s cab after they had moved ahead a mile from the passenger’s house, Jason had received a call.

After disconnecting the call, Jason raised his speed and drove the car recklessly running over the stop signs. He rode the cab through the medians and the lawns. With the over speedy cab, he finally came to a stop where the passenger saved his life by jumping out of the car and rushed away out of the sight.

The passenger said Dalton had introduced himself as another person .the passenger had tried to alert the company after the wild ride in the Uber cab just about an hour before the first shooting was reported.

Uber stated to help police in every possible way

When the ride-sharing company was inquired about Jason, it confirmed that Jason was an Uber driver and had passed the background check. The chief security officer, Joe Sullivan expressed his console for the horrified and heartbroken incident. Uber opts to collect detailed information of the drivers and after investigating properly, they are hired for the job. The company again has stated to help Police with the investigation process at any required time.

The massacre by Jason Dalton in brief

  • The Michigan state police said that that first shooting was reported at5.42 PM.
  • This was reported soon after a lady was shot down multiple times at a parking lot in an apartment complex.
  • The county prosecutor informed the lady was with her 3 children and is expected to survive.
  • Around four hours later of this incident, a father and son were shot at a car dealership and killed.
  • After few minutes of this incident, Jason opened fire on a Chevrolet Cruze and an Oldmobile minivan.
  • In this 4 aged ladies were killed.
  • A 14-year-old girl riding a Chevrolet was the fifth victim of the rampage and was initially thought to be killed but is in critical condition as per the state’s police.

If not, arrested more killings were expected

Jason was taken into custody after ending a seven-hour rampage. A semiautomatic handgun was seized from Dalton by the state police. The prosecutor exclaimed that if Dalton would have been not arrested then no doubt more people would have died.  He again continued the killings were very deliberate.…